How can I contribute to the citizen science project with sharks?

MAKO PAKO is a sentinel observer for the OBSERVADORES DEL MAR platform, and you can be part of it too. We are specifically collaborating with the projects "Sharks and rays", "Decapod crustaceans" and "Jellyfish alert". In all our outings we involve you by collecting data of the sightings we have every day. You can take [...]

Are shark sightings guaranteed?

It must be taken into account that this is an activity that takes place in the wild with wild animals and therefore, the sighting of sharks and the rest of the fauna that we may observe is NOT GUARANTEED in any of the outings.The aim of our activity is the sighting of blue sharks, also [...]

Is there any compensation or discount for not seeing sharks?

Carrying out this activity involves the work of several people and a significant logistical infrastructure in terms of costs. Once the activity is carried out and everything is set in motion, the expense is done, so we have to cover everything that this activity involves, that is why we CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS OR DISCOUNTS in [...]

When and why can the activity be cancelled?

Once you have made your reservation for the day of your choice and the date is approaching, the activity may be cancelled due to lack of people or because the weather forecast is not the right one.Lack of people:We need a minimum of 6 people to be able to carry out the activity.If the minimum [...]

Do I need a diving licence? What experience is necessary?

Our activity is done in snorkelling, swimming on the surface and without the need to dive underwater, so NO QUALIFICATION IS NECESSARY. Although it is not compulsory, nor strictly necessary, we do recommend that you have snorkelled before, (swimming with mask and snorkel) so that this is not the first time you have had contact [...]

What equipment do I need to swim with sharks?

For this activity it is necessary to use snorkelling equipment, consisting of mask, snorkel, fins and neoprene. The wetsuit must cover the entire body and must be dark in colour. Brightly coloured wetsuits or parts of wetsuits with bright colours are not allowed (yellow, white, phosphorescent shades). The water temperature stays between 20-22º during most [...]

Should I bring anything to do the activity?

Our recommendation is that you pay attention to the weather forecast for the day of the activity, and depending on the forecast, sunglasses, sun cream, a hat, a sweatshirt or a windbreaker are usually essential. And always, of course, anti-seasickness tablets to take between 60 and 30 minutes before setting off on the boat. And [...]

Where is MAKO PAKO located?

MAKO PAKO is not a dive centre, we do not have facilities where we teach diving courses or sell equipment. We are a tour-operator dedicated exclusively to sharks, so we do not have a physical location where you can find us. Since our activity takes place at sea, the meeting point is directly in the [...]

How do the GIFT VOUCHERS work?

If you want to give the activity as a gift you can request a GIFT VOUCHER, vouchers cannot be purchased directly through the website, you must contact us by email to request it, make full payment by bank transfer, providing us with your details and those of the person to whom the voucher is addressed, [...]

Are souvenir photos included in the activity?

The guides almost always enter the water with cameras or video cameras, but they do not always use them. Their main function and objective is to ensure the safety and smooth running of the activity, to make sure that the participants have no problems and are comfortable in the water. Keep in mind that this [...]

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