The guides almost always enter the water with cameras or video cameras, but they do not always use them. Their main function and objective is to ensure the safety and smooth running of the activity, to make sure that the participants have no problems and are comfortable in the water.

Keep in mind that this is not a function where things are the same day after day, but quite the opposite, so there is not always an opportunity to take pictures, nor to take pictures of all the participants.

Only when the activity is going as expected and after making sure that people are already enjoying the activity in the water, the guides may decide that it is time to take some pictures. In that case you can request them, and when time is available you will be sent photos of the day you took part in the activity.

If you would like to have a photographer specifically dedicated to taking pictures of you in the water with the sharks, this service is priced separately from the activity, please let us know so we can arrange it.