For this activity it is necessary to use snorkelling equipment, consisting of mask, snorkel, fins and neoprene.

The wetsuit must cover the entire body and must be dark in colour. Brightly coloured wetsuits or parts of wetsuits with bright colours are not allowed (yellow, white, phosphorescent shades).

The water temperature stays between 20-22º during most of the season, it can be colder at the beginning of the season until mid-July and also from the end of September onwards.

We use 5mm wetsuits throughout the season, and this is our recommendation, but everyone is different and some people prefer to use thicker or thinner wetsuits.

You are welcome to bring your own wetsuit, as long as it meets the above specifications. If you don’t have your own equipment you can rent it, the price of the complete pack (mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit is 20€) we will need to know your height and weight to know which wetsuit fits best, the wetsuits we have are standard sizes, so if you are tall or big we may not have the necessary wetsuit.