MAKO PAKO is a sentinel observer for the OBSERVADORES DEL MAR platform, and you can be part of it too. We are specifically collaborating with the projects “Sharks and rays”, “Decapod crustaceans” and “Jellyfish alert”.

In all our outings we involve you by collecting data of the sightings we have every day. You can take part by helping us to collect this data, as well as sharing the pictures you take of the different species.

In the case of sharks, it is crucial to get the size and sex of the sharks that visit us every day, as this is the information that will help us estimate what kind of population we have, and this can help scientists to catalogue them and help manage them better in the future in order to conserve them.

The blue sharks we observe do not usually show distinctive features that help to easily differentiate them from the rest, but sometimes there are some that by some characteristic, perhaps a damaged fin or a striking wound scar, can be easily identified from the rest.

We encourage you to create your own profile in OBSERVERS OF THE SEA, and take part in all the projects in which you can and motivate you, all contributions are necessary and welcome