Once you have made your reservation for the day of your choice and the date is approaching, the activity may be cancelled due to lack of people or because the weather forecast is not the right one.

Lack of people:

We need a minimum of 6 people to be able to carry out the activity.
If the minimum number of people is not reached, we usually see it well in advance, and there is usually room to make changes, although not always.

Weather forecast:

The other reason why the activity may be cancelled is because of the weather forecast.
The Cantabrian Sea is very changeable, usually the forecasts are reliable within 48 hours prior to departure, but not always, sometimes it can change just the day before or with a few hours to go.
We are always monitoring the evolution of the forecasts for several days before the outings take place, but cancellations due to the forecast can be made with only a few hours to go.
Our activity is carried out far from the coast, so the sea forecast for the coast has nothing to do with the offshore forecast, where the most important factor is the wind. The skipper of the boat has the final say in these decisions, and if he/she considers it risky to go out to sea to carry out the activity, he/she will not hesitate to cancel it. Safety is above all else.

In these 2 cases you will have the option to change the date of the booking to another day or request a refund of the deposit.