From Bermeo

Bermeo, in Vizcaya, is the starting point of our adventure.
The marina car park, located on the breakwater, is our meeting point. We meet there half an hour before departure to do the briefing, fill in the documentation and equip ourselves in time to be ready when the boat departs.

Once the introductions have been made and the departure time has arrived, we will get on the boat and head for the open water, where we will find all this unknown pelagic fauna of the Cantabrian Sea. While we are on board we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about what we are observing.

During the boat trips, and while we are in the water, there is the possibility of seeing all kinds of fauna such as dolphins, sunfish, tuna, large schools of fish, pelagic rays, different types of jellyfish, salps and ctenophores and other species of fish.
We will also be able to see different species of sea birds, where yellow-legged and black-legged gulls predominate. Depending on the season, we will also be able to see shearwaters, storm petrels, fulmars and even gannets among others.

The boat is equipped with a first aid kit and a small cooler with free drinks and snacks.
On board, we recommend that you take only what you need to optimise space on the boat. You can check the weather forecast the day before, and depending on the conditions of the day, everyone should bring a hat, sunglasses, sun cream if it is going to be sunny or a jumper or raincoat/windbreaker if it is cloudy.

Tiburones en el Cantábrico
Tiburones en el Cantábrico