Mako Pako helps to erase the CO2 footprint

Mako Pako colabora con la Fundación Lurgaia en el borrado de la huella de CO2.

At Mako Pako we are aware of the world in which we live, the crucial moment in which we find ourselves as a society with the need to look a little further ahead and what is to come.

Looking for the way to do things in a way that flows in favour of the sustainable development of the planet, we are aware that, as a consequence of our activity, we leave a CO2 footprint which we try to compensate for as far as we can.

With this in mind, from the beginning of Mako Pako as a tour-operator we got in touch with the Lurgaia Foundation to collaborate in their project for the recovery of the “Undabaso” autochthonous forest located in the southern area of the Urdaibai reserve.

This foundation is financed by the contributions of its members, agreements with entities and companies and occasional aid from the administrations, in order to advance with the various projects they develop.

Every end of the season, we calculate the footprint created by the total CO2 emitted during the development of our activity, and we plant the corresponding trees to erase the footprint created by these emissions.

In response to our contribution, Fundación Lurgaia sends us a document every year detailing the progress made and the trees planted with our collaboration.