The truth about these animals is very different from what we are used to in the movies and news.  SHARKS ARE NOT DANGEROUS, the reality is that they are animals that are very shy in front of humans.

Although it is true that there are more than 550 different species of sharks, and perhaps 5 of them can be potentially dangerous to humans under certain circumstances.
Nowadays, shark watching activities are quite widespread all over the world, with interactions with these animals taking place every day in different places, and the few accidents that may occur are anecdotal, the result of chance rather than a shark aiming to attack anyone.

Nevertheless, they are wild animals and must be treated with respect. For MAKO PAKO the highest priority is safety above all else, not only from the sharks towards us, but also from us humans towards the sharks.

That is why there are these rules that must be followed without exception during the activity:

  • Once you enter the water, keep your face in the water and breathe through the tube.
  • If there are any sharks around, keep eye contact with them at all times.
  • Stay on the surface attached to the line for the participants of the activity.
  • You must stay in a group on the line following each other.
  • You are not allowed to touch the sharks.
  • It is not allowed to swim towards them trying to catch them, neither swimming on the surface nor underwater.
  • Keep your position in the water, if a shark is heading towards you, he will be the one to change direction.
  • Avoid moving around too much in the water, sharks are calm animals and if there is too much commotion they will leave, you are attached to the cape with a wetsuit floating on the surface, just stay relaxed and enjoy the sight of these wonderful animals.
  • Ask us any questions at any time and enjoy the experience.